Las Vegas Experience and Recommendations

Hey guys!

I was fortunate enough to travel to Las Vegas this winter break, and I have to tell you- this trip was amazing! Phenomenal food, mesmerizing hotel rooms, and more! Through this blog post, you’ll see pictures that I have taken myself, and at the same time recommend four places for you guys. This was my first time, and I haven’t been to all of Vegas yet, so if you have recommendations, please comment!

*Also, I encourage bringing kids that are over 10 years old. If you go to the wrong places at the wrong time, you might find yourself in inappropriate situations.*


Cosmopolitan Hotel

One of my all time favorite hotels. It has a futuristic theme and it is definitely considered as a family-friendly place. They’ve set a very high standard for themselves –  high class. Their buffet is INCREDIBLE! You HAVE to try it! Cosmopolitan is also near the ‘strip’ which is convenient if you’re planning on going shopping. The pools were also to die for. If you check sites such as Expedia everyday, you might come across a very valuable deal!

Cosmopolitan Lobby
Cosmopolitan’s futuristic looking lobby!
Picture of this super cute, super pink restroom…
Just to give you a sense of how awesome Cosmo is


Their amazing buffet...
Their amazing buffet…


A lot of variety!
A lot of variety!


Macaron? Or Macaroon?
Macaron? Or Macaroon?


 “Serendipity” Restaurant

This is again, near the ‘strip’, by Caesar’s palace, and it’s an amazing place to stop by at lunch if you’re planning to spend the whole day outside. Their restaurant theme and design is very cute, they have amazing food there, (although it’s a little bit expensive, it’s definitely worth a try…spend more on vacation, right?) and the seating’s are also very comfortable!


Holy Moly!

 Caesar’s Palace Hotel

This hotel is definitely up there on my list with Cosmopolitan. Although this hotel is extremely expensive, I encourage you to stop by, because of the historic vibe and the ancient characteristics that this hotel withholds. You won’t feel like living in Vegas, you’ll feel like living in Rome.

 Palazzo Hotel

If you plan on staying at Caesar’s Palace, then you might want to stop by somewhere that’s cheaper, so that you don’t overspend on expensive hotels. If you relate to this statement, then Palazzo Hotel is the place for you! The hotel rooms are vast and their washrooms are AMAZING! Although I’d give the pools a B-, It’s definitely worth the stay, especially if you’re on a little bit of a budget.

This looks like a cover to a horror movie...


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Experience and Recommendations

  1. Thanks for sharing! I stayed at the Cosmo too a little while ago, and loved the overall atmosphere. So much detail in how they run that place. From the elevator music to the digital pillers in the lobby, everything is so carefully planned!

    xx Sabrina

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